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مقارنة بين أيفون X وجالاكسي نوت 8: لمن الأفضلية؟
سبتمبر 14, 2017

Apple has launched its new mobile phone, iPhone X, which sets its hopes as the best mobile phones launched this year. But it should not be forgotten that Samsung has also launched its Galaxy Note 8 days ago, which brings new and important features. And between the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 may be difficult to choose which is the best but remains your choice after you review the most prominent features and differences between the mobile.

the screen

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with a 6.3 “screen with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. The iPhone X screen comes in only 5.8 inches and with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. Thus, the Note 8 screen is larger in size and accuracy.

For headphones

The Galaxy Note 8 has a 3.5mm headphone jack where the speaker can be used whether it is old or from another product and therefore will not be controlled by headphones. As for iPhone X, the user needs to buy wireless headphones and this is expensive.

Entry Entry Process

A new feature introduced by Apple in its mobile phone is iPhone X which is a face recognition feature but at the same time removed the main button that was used for fingerprints to unlock the mobile across it.

In the Galaxy Note 8, multiple options may have the option of a fingerprint or a fingerprint that comes in the back or an iris scanning feature.

Open automatically for site

In the Galaxy Note 8 here is an option to unlock the mobile or lock in a smart way relative to the location in which the user is not found in the iPhone X.

Smart Pen

What distinguishes Galaxy Note 8 is the smart pen that comes with it, which makes it very easy to work on mobile and take notes and drawing and writing ideas in a quick way, and what distinguishes it also works to translate the text in the language chosen by the user. This pen unfortunately does not exist in iPhone X.

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Storage is expandable

The iPhone X, which is affected by a 64GB internal memory that can be quickly filled with high-definition video capture and download, can not be expanded. But in Notes 8 you can add external memory through its port as it supports cards such as 256 GB.

Curved screen with Edge

The 8 note screen has curved sides that can be used for many things. For example, when you touch right, it will allow you to quickly access your favorite applications, if you want to contact people you prefer. Many things can be done through this screen and not available in iPhone X.

Water resistance and dust

The Galaxy Note 8 is designed to resist water and dust in terms of water and dust resistance of the IP standard 68. The mobile iPhone X is also water resistant but weak.


The rear camera comes in a dual iPhone X with 12 different megapixel sensors. The camera is capable of capturing video at a slow pace, allowing full HD technology with 240 frames per second and 4K video.

The NOT 8 comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera with a range of features, the most important of which is the image stabilization. The user will not suffer from blurry at all. The 8-pin camera has wide angles and Live Focus, which is similar to the Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 It works to jam the background and focus on the object to be photographed.

Screen split applications

The user is looking for what is easy to do and this is available in Note 8 where he can paste the email on the screen or any search for a specific message, the division in Note 8 will facilitate all these things are not available in iPhone X.

Despite all these differences remains the choice for you dear readers, there is the view that the preference belongs to the mobile iPhone X especially for those who have used Apple products for a long time and here is another opinion preferred not to contain things that are easy and uncomplicated and wide options.

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