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PS4 update information
April 12, 2016

Ok, so this might be a little bit of old news, but we thought it was worth making a note of it.
If you have a PS4 you’ve probably already update the firmware to 3.50, with the big news being that there is now support for Mac and PC remote player as well as the ability to appear offline.
But PS4 users took to Reddit (via Eurogamer) to outline some of the more, unknown, features that are now enabled as a result of the update.
For a start the USB music player is back, you can set party members limits too (two to eight) and there’s a search field for easy reference in your games’ library.
And one of the most frustrating things about the PS4 was the hard drive capacity, especially with a load of games now opting to be downloadable, meaning you run out of space pretty quickly. The firmware update means the PS4 can now better support 4TB drives.
Watch the video below for more information:

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