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11 Best Features of iOS 11
September 18, 2017

Let’s check out what’s new in Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

iOS 11 officially drops this week to supported iOS devices. It sports more than 100+ unique features, some of which you’d immediately notice when using it. We could spend all day listing our favorites but I think it is better that we concentrate on the top 11 features that we love. Read on:

Files – iOS 11 now includes a dedicated file managing app that lets you organize your files on iCloud and it even supports third-party services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Live Photos – These moving images on your Camera Roll gets an upgrade this year, and will give you more control on how your images will look like as a Live Photo. You can even apply effects like loop, bounce and even long exposures.

Screenshot – Taking a screenshot is made even easier on iOS 11. When you take the screenshot, it automatically minimizes on the lower left side where it’s ready to be cropped, edited and shared. After sharing you have the choice to either delete the image or save it to your camera roll.

Control Center – This part of iOS may be the one that got a huge overhaul. Control Center now rests on one page, and controls can now be customized and added to your liking.

Drag-and-drop – A feature that’s best suited on the iPad, drag-and-drop functionality now works easily on the OS. While it wasn’t advertised on the iPhone, the same feature is also available.

Dock – iPad users will now have a dock where they can put their favorite apps. This easily blurs the line between macOS and iOS, making the iPad experience more desktop-like.

Better multitasking – Multitasking has been improved on iOS. Nearly all apps can now be opened in Split View, or simply let it hover another app until you’re ready to use.

Document Scanner – A new document scanner feature has made its way to iOS 11 through the Notes app. Using the built-in camera, you can scan your documents and then adjust it and /or do any markups if needed.

Type and flick – iPad users will have an updated QuickType keyboard on iOS 11. When you’re typing, you can simply flick down your finger to type in the alternate character – saves you time pressing extra buttons on the keyboard right?

ARKit – While not an aesthetic feature, ARKit is Apple’s answer to app developers that would want to take advantage of augmented reality platforms.

App Store overhaul – If you visit the App Store, you’d notice that it has now a new visual design reminiscent of the Apple Music interface. You have more time to explore apps, and now you can see highlights from each category.

Are there any more features that you think should have made on the list? Give it a shoutout in the comments below!

iOS 11, along with tvOS 11 and watchOS 4 will come to supported devices on September 20th in the UAE. 

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