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Everyone hates Skype’s new design
July 23, 2017

Did you update to the newest version?

Skype has been under Microsoft’s tutelage for a couple of years now. And while it mostly retained the same theme over the years, its latest update has users divided if they liked the new fresh look or not.

The new update rolled out to iOS users last week, while Android users have had for a couple of months. Dubbed as the ‘next generation of Skype’ the new design now focuses more on the app’s messaging features.

The new design includes three tabs: find, chat and capture. Find acts more like a search bar that can look for conversations while chat is where you’ll find all your messages which is now enhanced with sticker and emoji support. But the most talked about new feature is capture, which acts more like Snapchat’s way of chatting. It lets you take images and video and then add annotations, stickers and filters and send them to your contacts.

The redesign though was met with negative critical reception especially from long time users of the service. Average ratings for the app have averages on 1.5 – 3.5 stars depending on the county. Most complaints are due to the Skype’s subtle redesign to be like other messaging services like Snapchat.

Do you use Skype? What do you think of the new design? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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