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Game On: Why we love Super Mario Run
December 19, 2016

Nintendo’s first mobile game app for the iPhone is a clear winner.

Eagerly anticipated ever since it was announced during the iPhone 7 keynote, Super Mario Run is proving to be a hit – where it was downloaded more than 2.85 million on launch day.

The game is free, but the only caveat is for you to unlock more levels, you would need a one-time in-app purchase of $9.99, which isn’t really preferred for most users.

Still, Super Mario Run is one of the best games we’ve played on a smartphone, granted that despite thousands of available games for the platform there are only a few that stand out.

Super Mario Run only needs one hand to play, which would require you to tap on the screen to let your character jump over obstacles. Mario will run automatically, so it is up to the player to help avoid any hurdles.

There are 24 stages in total, but only 3 stages are playable when you download it for free. The rest of the stages will be unlocked once you make the in-app purchase.

It’s addictive I must admit, and while you have the chance to play various stages, you also have the option to do the ‘Toad Rally’, which is basically competing with other players in how fast you can complete  course.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS devices and an Android version is promised to come out soon.

Check out the gameplay video below:

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