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HTC U Play: Shining, shimmering, splendid
March 12, 2017

The smartphone that gets U.

HTC’s U Play isn’t your ordinary flagship device. In fact, its ‘liquid surface’ design is one of the best looking exteriors we’ve seen on a smartphone. The only problem is this elegant exterior (just similarly designed surfaces like the iPhone 7 Jet Black) is prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Still, don’t let that tiny quip prevent you from enjoying the HTC U Play. Its 5.2-inch screen is big enough to display images and video and brilliant quality without making the smartphone too big. Colors are deep without being too saturated, which we all approve of.

Personalization takes on a different level with the HTC Sense Companion – think of it as an always-on assistant that will help you talk to your smartphone when you hands aren’t free. It’s perfect for driving and similar activities where looking at your smartphone is a big no-no.

If that’s enough the HTC U Play also features an awesome 16-megapixel camera packed with the latest enhancements that takes smartphone photography to another level. Images look sharper, even when taken in low-light conditions, a feature similar smartphones fail to accomplish.

Overall verdict? The HTC U Play is a must have – it’s literally a smartphone made for U (see what we did there?).

by vportiz

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