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Skin away: Our favorite Android launchers
February 9, 2017

Google Launcher may be gone, but here are some alternatives.

Launchers are a way for you to easily customize your Android device. It acts as a theming manager where you can easily change nearly every design aspect of your smartphone. Many were disappointed to learn that Google is discounting its own launcher, which had its own following thanks to its simple non-instructive interface. But worry not, here are some great launchers you can use as an alternative.

Nova Launcher – This was one of the first launchers I’ve used when I first got an Android smartphone. It’s easy to use and configure, and you can even backup and restore previous themes that you have done in the past for easy switching.

Download Nova Launcher free on Google Play  (incudes in-app purchases)

Action Launcher 3 – Chosen as favorite by a plethora of Android users, Action Launcher 3 is distinct for having its own unique app drawer along with various added tools to make your smartphone experience more streamlined.

Download Action Launcher 3 free on Google Play (includes in-app purchases)

ADW Launcher 2 – The recent update to ADW Launcher now makes it one of the best launchers for Android devices. It has nearly every setting that you can think of when customizing your device, giving it a more personal look and feel unique from the others.

Download ADW Launcher 2 free on Google Play (Includes in-app purchases)

Evie Launcher – The simple interface of Evie Launcher makes it one of our favorites. It offers an easy to use search that you can use to literally search anything and everything. The best part?  It’s completely free.

Download Evie Launcher free on Google Play 

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