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Smart Wearables: This smart ring could be your next wearable
January 8, 2017

No need for a smartwatch.

Check out the Motiv smart ring. It’s basically a ring you wear around your finger and it can track every workout that you do. Yes, it’s a fitness tracker disguised as a ring.

This smart rings packs about anything a fitness tracker can do – the only thing is lacks is a display. It comes in either gray or rose gold colors and in varying sizes to fit anyone’s finger. It will have its own heart rate sensor, a smart LED sensor and a 3-axis gyroscope that constantly measures your vitals.

The Motiv smart ring is also waterproof, making it an ideal companion when doing those swimming laps. As always, you would then need to install a companion app that syncs via Bluetooth so you can have an overview of your everyday routines. The app also provides various goals from exercise to sleeping patterns.

The good part? The Motiv’s battery can last for three to five days – a welcome feature for those who don’t enjoy charging multiple devices every day.

Motiv is set to be available this spring for $199 for iOS devices, while Android-compatible devices will ship in the summer.

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