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Apple officially joins the Wireless Power Consortium
February 15, 2017

Is wireless charging coming to the iPhone?

Sources confirm that Apple has officially joined the Wireless Power Consortium, a group that aligns itself with the official standards set by wireless charging using Qi technology. It’s a way to ensure that the wireless standards are met so that accessories are compatible across devices.

Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium does raise some interest on what we can expect on its upcoming products. And considering that it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year, consumers are eager to see what new features the iPhone will include, especially since not everyone was wowed by the iPhone 7.

There is also a possibility that Apple is joining them since the Apple Watch, which already utilizes wireless charging, has already been out for two years so it’s natural for the company to be an active member of various standards development organizations.

 We won’t know anything else about the upcoming iPhone until it gets officially unveiled later this year (not counting the leaks) – so let me ask you this, is wireless charging a must have feature for you to have on the iPhone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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