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China officially bans WhatsApp
September 26, 2017

WhatsApp currently has more than a billion users.

Reports from China seemingly suggested that the popular messaging service WhatsApp has been completely blocked for use by the local government with reasons being that encrypted app are not allowed in the country.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the first messaging platforms to embrace end-to-end encryption, where every message that you send is encrypted and only you and the receiver is able to decrypt the message. Not even WhatsApp, Facebook or any government or law enforcement entities can see it.

It was reported that China has started blocking WhatsApp since last week and it was fully blocked by Monday. It also appears that WhatsApp isn’t the only app being banned as the blocking will affect all encrypted messaging platforms.

China is quite strict with online content available in the country. Notable websites like Google’s search engine and even Facebook itself is banned in the country.

WhatsApp has declined to comment on the issue.

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