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Credit cards will soon use fingerprints for authentication
April 20, 2017

Fingerprint sensors make its way to credit cards.

Fingerprints sensors have become a standard in most premium smartphone devices. It is now used as one of the primary ways of securing the device. It’s easier to use compared to passwords, which of course would require you to remember random alphanumeric combinations.

But it looks like fingerprint authentication is now coming to credit cards as well. Engadget reports that MasterCard is currently testing a new type of credit card that includes a fingerprint sensor built right in. So instead of entering your PIN number or singing the receipt, your fingerprint will be the main point of authentication, much like how Apple Pay and Samsung Pay works.

It’s currently on a testing phase on several cities, but MasterCard said that it is hoping to roll out the technology late this year. But the success of this technology is dependent of your bank is willing to support it.

It was also said that you still have the option to use the older pin-and-chip method, and if ever you would want to avail of the newer fingerprint-sensing credit cards you would need to register your fingerprints from the bank itself. The current credit card being tested can save two fingerprints.

You make a payment in the same usual way, but once the terminal asks for authentication you would simply need to scan your fingerprint before it gets authenticated.

It would be interesting to know how this type of technology would be adapted, it would be without its risks.

Will you be comfortable using your fingerprints on a credit card? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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