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Crime Prediction software unveiled by Dubai Police
December 26, 2016

Minority Report in real life.

This is one of the cases where fantasy becomes reality. In a report by Emirates 24/7, Dubai Police has successfully launched a new Crime Prediction Software which was announced by Space Imaging Middle East (SIME).

Developed to support the UAE’s Smart Governance Initiative, the software analyzes existing intelligence along with various crime patterns collected from police databases and will aid the use of sophisticated algorithms to predict when a crime will possibly occur.

The premise does sound weirdly similar to the plot of the movie Minority Report, which in some weird way we always knew that it would be possible in the future.

“This software is uniquely intelligent in its capability to accurately discern intricate patterns of criminal behavior in seemingly unconnected events and then predict the probability of reoccurrence. We are confident that these precise analytics, when combined with the knowledge and instincts of experienced police officers, will create a formidable force to deter crime,” said Spandan Kar, Head of SIME’s GIS Division.

No other information was provided, though Dubai Police should soon demo how the software can analyze and predict crimes before they happen.

by Victor Philip Ortiz

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