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Google Earth just got a massive (and awesome) update
April 19, 2017

More ways to explore the planet.

Google Earth has just gotten a major update that includes a new feature called ‘Voyager’ – a new way to see Earth with curated journeys in places all around the globe.

Voyager’s content will vary from museums to natural rock formations. There is even an option to view 360-degree video content. Along with that, if you are planning to visit any country, Google Earth can recommend the best spots to visit sorted by city.

Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button also makes an appearance on the new update. Once you press it, it will randomly take you to any place along with a detailed Wikipedia description.

Additionally, Google Earth is now accessible through any computer using Google Chrome. Gone is the need to download a specific program for you to use it. Google said support for other browsers is coming, and the same method will apply to mobile devices as well (though it is not updated at the moment).

You can check out the new Google Earth by visiting

by Victor Philip Ortiz

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