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Google Now Launcher to be discontinued
February 6, 2017

And no alternative will be given.

If you are a fan of Android’s simple interface, then you’d normally stick to the Nexus or Pixel devices. But Google made it easier to go vanilla Android by providing the Google Now Launcher app available on all devices.

But in a surprising move, Google has announced that it will be retiring the Google Now Launcher. This means that it will be unpublished from the Google Play Store and no replacement has been announced as of yet. Google’s introduction of the Pixel Launcher for its line of Pixel devices might be the reason, though that would mean users who prefer the simple Android interface will be forced to use third party launchers.

Not that third party launchers are bad (in face, they’re mostly good), but the Google Now Launcher provided a simple and easy interface for your Android device.

Nexus devices which use the launcher by default will still be updated, but for new devices you may have to resort to using other launchers available on the Google Play Store.

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