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ICYMI: Red is releasing a $1,195 camera phone
July 11, 2017

It even comes with a ‘holographic’ display.

Red is famously known for its premium, high-end cameras. One of YouTube’s famous tech reviewers MKBHD uses Red cameras on his videos on a regular basis – and you can definitely see the crystal clear quality. While Red’s business is usually limited to cameras, no one knew they’d be making a smartphone.

And just last week, they did announce the Hydrogen One, which is the company’s first flagship smartphone. A lot of detail has went into the design, including slots on the sides to make gripping the phone even better.

One of the highlighted features include a 5.7-inch holographic display which is best described as something that is able to display traditional 2D to holographic 3D content depending on what is needed.

But as you can see, the huge camera bump at its rear is the main camera. While they did admit that smartphone cameras does have limitations, it did confirm that the camera will be a modular system that would product images and video at par with professional cameras.

It does look promising, but considering that pricing would start for $1,195 for an aluminum model and a whopping $1,595 for a titanium model, this smartphone clearly isn’t made for everyone. If you look at the bigger picture, most of Red’s camera cost thousands of dollars, so the prices for their Hydrogen One smartphone is actually inexpensive when you look at it.

More details should be available in the next couple of weeks, and Red mentioned that it is looking to deliver the first batch of smartphones by next year.

MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) gave his own opinion on Red’s Hydrogen One which you can watch below:

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