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Merlin unveils new Audiophile collection
December 22, 2016

New headphones for the seasoned audiophile.

Merlin Digital has just announced the Sonic X and the Virtuoso Active Noise Cancelling Headphones as part of the company’s innovations in the audio department.

The Sonic X is a pair of wireless earphones (pictured above) that feature auto pairing support along with the ability to shut out background noise. It also features  a 7-hour talktime along with 5 hours of music playback. It will retail for 295 AED.

The Virtuoso Active Noise Cancelling Headphones is able to deliver a powerful sound atmosphere and is able to cancel out background noise for balanced audio. It will retail for 395 AED.

“We have seen great a many innovations in sound systems as wearables for fitness, but sometimes, the crux of what makes a good hearable, being sound quality, can take a back seat. This is the reason we have devised the Sonic X completely wireless solutions, and a pair of Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, called Virtuoso ANC. We’re constantly innovating and trying new and varied things to create a magnificent experience for our consumers, every step of the way,” said Mr. Sharad Hiro Bachani, Co-Founder & CEO, Merlin Digital.

by Victor Philip Ortiz

Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Has passion for all things tech – you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and recently discovered his love for gaming.