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Microsoft finally admits that Windows Mobile is no more
October 10, 2017

Bye-bye Windows Mobile, it was a good run.

Microsoft’s vice president recently revealed in a couple of tweets that the company will no longer be pursuing the development of Windows 10 Mobile, signaling the end of another platform. As you may have guessed, the lack of supported apps is the reason why Microsoft is ditching the platform.

As you can tell, Microsoft did try to bring in more users to the platform by offering various ways to entice third-party developers in making apps for Windows Mobile, but the huge commitment to Android and iOS somehow prevented that.

Microsoft did say that it will continue to issue patches and updates to current devices, though it is most likely we will no longer see a Windows Mobile device in the future.

At the moment, Microsoft has been busy introducing most of its core apps like Microsoft Office to iOS and Android users.

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