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More Snapchat features coming to WhatsApp
February 22, 2017

To celebrate WhatsApp’s 8th birthday.

WhatsApp is turning 8, and with it comes a new feature coming to one of the most popular messaging clients. In what seems to be a similar feature to Snapchat Stories (which was also adopted by Instagram), your WhatsApp status will now include ways for you to share photos and videos.

This is a far different take from the usual text-based status messages, which frankly hardly anyone ever uses. The celebration of the platform’s 8th birthday marks a special change in Whatsapp, namely the ability to change status updates just like in Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Along with that, they’ve also confirmed that along with your messages, your status updates will also be encryped.

The feature will come as part of a software update coming to iOS and Android platforms. The question is will it be as successful as Instagram Stories? Guess we will have to wait and see.

by vportiz
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