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Phones with Full-HD display? Sharp will soon produce 5-inch, 1080p displays
October 3, 2012

Retina is so last year compared to what’s in store soon. First LG, now Sharp is about to start producing mobile-headed, Full-HD 5-inch displays with an eye searing density measuring 443 ppi.

Well, admittedly we cheated a bit, since a 5 inches device is better described as a phablet (like the Galaxy Note 2 or the rumored HTC Incredible 5X), but don’t let our technology pedanticism get in the way of your excitement.

We would have been more excited had Sharp used its new IGZO technology to produce the upcoming beauties (Sharp IGZO panels are the ones Apple adopted for thinning out the new iPhone 5), but we think there is still a technological hurdle to be overcome before it is possible, so we’ll let it pass this time, Sharp.

With a flabbergasting 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution on a screen of this size, only LG’s upcoming 5-inch full HD phone displays can hold a candle to Sharp’s breakthrough at 440 ppi (a difference that even a microscope-eyed mutant cannot observe).

Let’s compare this to the current cream of the crop of the market, namely Samsung’s Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches and 1280 x 720 pixles (306 ppi), and Apple’s iPhone 5 at 4-inches and 1136×640 pixels (326 ppi).

We can only imagine what kind of image quality this will bring to mobile devices when it hits the market for the first time, but we can also hope this does not result in a much lowered 3D performance because of all the extra pixels the phone’s GPU gotta push. Well, maybe by then the new quad-core Qualcomm S4 chips with the powerful Adreno 320 GPU will be commonplace, and could potentially be enough to drive those 1080p monsters.

We will revisit this article soon, then.


Source: T3 Middle East via Slashgear


by Simon Khoury

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