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Seez R: A new way to purchase a car
November 2, 2017

An intelligent way to help you buy your next vehicle.

A new app has just been launched in the UAE that promises to change the way you look and purchase for a pre-owned car. The app, called Seez R, utilizes certain technologies such as AI, image recognition and even chatbot help you with your purchase.

The app uses a personalized concierge service called Cesar that you can chat with and he will do the rest for you. For its makers, the app was a result of various studies that aim to help you make it easier to find the right car in just one click.

With Seez R, it acts like a search engine that scours every corner of the market so you won’t miss any deals. It actually does all the hard work for you – sometimes even negotiating better deals one your behalf so you always get the best price.

The best part? It’s completely free. Cesar will follow the search parameters you’ve entered and then give you a list of all the best prices available. It even uses image recognition so you can take an image of a car just in case you’re not familiar with its particular model.

Additionally, if you’re planning to sell your own car, Seez R can even get real-time prices and market values of your vehicle so you have an idea on how to sell it faster.

You can check out more information about Seez R from their website

The Seez R app is currently available for download on iOS devices

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