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Someone hacked the NES Classic Mini to play more games
January 10, 2017

It’s still out of stock in other countries.

One of the most sought-after devices last Christmas was Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini, a faithful recreation of the classic console that now comes in a smaller form factor fitted with 30 of the most iconic games released in its heyday. Add to that the seemingly affordable price and you got yourself one of the most coveted devices at the moment.

Problem is though, is that the NES Classic Mini doesn’t allow for extra games to be downloaded. The 30 games that come with it are fixed – or so we thought. Months after its release, someone has managed to hack the tiny console and is able to load other games complete with fancy artwork that makes it look like it’s part of the original lineup.

It was done the NES Classic Mini is running on a Linux-based emulator, which is technically modifiable. A video is shown below on how the process was done and if you are brave enough, you can give it a go by watching the instructions on the video below.

A word of caution though, if something goes wrong there’s a chance that it might brick your device so good luck!

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by Victor Philip Ortiz

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