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Surprise! Bill Gates is now an Android user
September 26, 2017

But he still won’t use an iPhone.

A recent interview by Fox News on Bill Gates revealed that the Microsoft billionaire has jumped ship to an Android device, presumably from a Windows Phone. It was earlier circulated that he has a ban on Apple devices in his home.

But he did say that his Android device is filled with Microsoft software. Microsoft may not have been successful with Windows Phone, but its plethora of productivity apps like Microsoft Office and Skype have thrived on both the iOS and Android platform.

Online sources though are speculating that Bill Gates may be using the Microsoft Edition of the Galaxy S8, which is basically still the same device but it will come pre-loaded with Microsoft apps like OneDrive, Office, Outlook and the personal digital assistant Cortana.

Still, a major personality like Bill Gates using an Android device is surprising – but we would be even more shocked if he starts using Apple devices.

by vportiz

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