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Tablets are being produced in North Korea
August 4, 2013

Images arrived online with a review of a tablet made in North Korea following a visitor’s purchase of the gadget from the clandestine country.

Apparently, North Korea has hopped into the industry of tablet producers. In contrast to South Korea, renowned for its tech creations, the northern neighbor is covertly making the tabs all while still stopping its people from accessing the web.

Similar devices have been carried out of the country by other tourists. One in particular, was a North Korean tablet known as “Samjiyon.” The Android-based tab was reviewed by that visitor as well, who brought it back home from Pyongyang.

Even though that tablet has the Ice Cream Sandwich OS from Google’s Android, apps like Google Play are not available on it. With North Korea’s strict connectivity rules, it comes as no surprise that neither the Internet nor Wi-Fi can be accessed on the tab.

The only browser available allows entree to the intranet, run by the country itself. Some pre-loaded apps, like one with schooling benefits, can also be found on the tablet. This app (Juche Study Books) comes alongside educational e-books. The schooling app namely aims to teach the population and customers about the political ideals of Kim-2 Sung, while Juche Study Books goes over several popular school subjects such as math, science, and English. 

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