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This selfie app can help detect pancreatic cancer
October 3, 2017

Those selfies could soon save your life.

A new app called BiliScreen has been developed by researchers in the US that help detect early signs of pancreatic cancer. The app was made to evaluate the amount of the chemical bilirubin that you have in your selfie – this is done by analyzing the eyes since that chemical makes your eyes turn yellow.

A researcher said that the app was made since survival rates for pancreatic cancer is very low, citing a 5-year survival rate. This is due to late detection and there is little to no treatment for it.

The app’s analyzation of bilirubin could potentially help get an early diagnosis, since people who complain about the appearance jaundice on their eyes already mean that the cancer has progressed to a later stage.

At the moment, BiliScreen is on the second stage of being developed and will follow procedural approvals before it becomes available to the public.

[Image credit: Reuters]

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