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Uh-oh! Apple CEO threatened to remove Uber from the App Store
April 24, 2017

That’s the power of Apple.

A report from the New York Times revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook has threatened Uber that it will delete its app from the App Store back in 2015. This is after Apple has found out that the company had found a way to identify smartphones where the app was installed even after it was deleted.

Fingerprinting, as the practice is being called, is one of the prohibitions implemented by Apple in its App Store. The process to get your app up and available for millions of iOS devices undergoes a very stringent approval procedure.

The report mentioned that a certain code was changed so it will not be seen by Apple employees checking on the app. When it was still discovered by Apple, Tim Cook personally met with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and gave an ultimatum if it wasn’t changed.

Getting banned from the Apple App Store can cause major repercussions for Uber – especially since its app is its main source for its business. It is available on Android too – but just in case Apple decides to ban the app, it will lose millions of existing and potential customers which of course won’t be good for the company.

A recent statement released by Uber mentioned that no such tracking of any kind was ever done on its users, even after it has deleted the app – completely opposing the story released by the New York Times.

The past few months have not been kind to the famous hail-riding app, after multiple instances of harassment amongst other issues. 

by Victor Philip Ortiz

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