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Watch out: Huawei has a selfie superstar coming up!
Anil George
August 2, 2017

3D facial recognition, anyone?

Huawei is all set to introduce the latest in the Nova line across the region, and the nova 2 Plus boasts many a bold a breakthrough in innovations that takes user experience to the next level. Key, of course, is an upgraded camera that captures selfies like never before, an advanced audio experience, a stylish design, as well as an upgraded and powerful performance. Equipped with a 20MP high-definition front camera, a 12MP and 8MP rear dual camera, 3D facial recognition and a professional portrait mode, the Huawei nova 2 and nova 2 Plus produce stunning selfies.

Equipped with photography applications for every moment or scenario, the smartphone offers a high-quality selfie experience to young users. Featuring a range of intelligent algorithms including a portrait algorithm, the new smartphone offers high-resolution photography capabilities; it can enhance face shapes and skin colors, while studying the relative position of facial features and skin types as well as textures to deliver more natural and true-to-life portraits. It will include beatification technology performing duties such as removing spots, dark circles and smoothing textures, brightening pupils, whitening teeth, and more. This feature will not only work for pictures, but also video.

This newest release comes after an impressive year for Huawei, as they reported immense growth in their first year on a global scale. Huawei shipped 34.55 million smartphones, with a total yearly increase of 21.6%. 

by Anil George

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