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Creative Aurvana ANC Review
February 27, 2017

Listen in peace.

Noise cancelling headphones are usually catered to a certain niche market but during the recent months, there has been a growing interest with these types of headphones, especially with the capabilities it can provide.

Creative, known for their current line of audio devices, updates its own Aurvana range to give us the Aurvana ANC. It’s an active noise cancelling headphone that promises provide uninterrupted listening for up to 40 hours – but does it live up to its name? Let’s find out.

First thing you would notice on the Creative Aurvana ANC is how lightweight it is. It’s made of plastic and steel along with a faux leather material. The headphones are supported by a strong padded headband that’s comfortable to wear.

The left ear cup houses the active noise cancellation switch along with the 3.5 mm jack for connecting the wire that includes an inline remote. The right ear cup houses the battery compartment that houses a single AAA battery that power the active noise cancellation feature.

I used the Creative Aurvana ANC with my computer and smartphone and listened to various high-resolution audio files to check out the sound output. The trebles were clear and crisp with little to no distortion even when I played it at high volumes. Highs and mids are pretty spot on along with the bass that gave a convincing low frequency effect.

Things turn different when you turn on active noise cancellation – Creative claims that about 87 percent of ambient noise is eliminated when it is turned on. It’s good enough, though there are times when noise still comes in, especially when you use it outside or on a noisy environment.

Priced at 499 AED, the Creative Aurvana ANC won’t match up with the big players like Bose, Sennheiser or Sony. But for its price and decent lightweight design, the Creative Aurvana ANC gets good marks.

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