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Creative iRoar + iRoar Rock: All levels of wow
September 26, 2017

Let’s check out one of the company’s best speakers.

Dubbed as the most intelligent speakers on the planet, the Creative iRoar is one portable that’s so loaded with features it’ll take you more than a day to try them all out. It’s basically a portable Bluetooth speaker – but it does more than just that. Features like a portable PA system and the ability to use it as a portable power bank easily makes this one of our favorite devices.

But let’s round off the features first. The Creative iRoar’s black design with copper edges help it to easily blend on any surrounding. There’s grilles that can be found on the sides and on the top part, enabling it to blast sound on all directions.

The rear part of the iRoar houses all of the connectivity ports: micro USB, 3.5 mm audio jack, optical input, microSD and a full-size USB port that can be used to charge devices thanks to its massive 9,000 mAh internal battery. There’s a plethora of ways you can use the iRoar as a speaker – even inserting a microSD card will let you shuffle music that’s stored into them thanks to the built-in media player. The only thing missing is water-resistance, though it isn’t really a deal-breaker.

The top panel of the iRoar houses most of the controls. There’s a physical power button and touch sensitive controls for the playback, volume and the menu. There’s even controls for answering calls, ‘Roar’, record, mic mute and the mic beam. They’re all backlit and will only light up when the appropriate function can be used. An LED display is also present that tells you the current audio source being used.

Aside from letting you connect nearly any audio source available, the iRoar works as a speakerphone as well over Bluetooth. There’s two modes to this feature: one mode will let the iRoar pickup all voices around the speaker or you use the Mic Beam feature so it will only pick the voice right in front of it.

That’s not all, there’s even a companion app for the iRoar available on iOS and Android devices. It’s literally the most customizable speaker we’ve seen judging from the amount of things that you can do with it. There’s six audio presets available and of course you can also create your own EQ profile.

But there’s more – the iRoar has the ability to be upgraded with apps thanks to an SDK provided by Creative. This includes a motion detector or even an alarm clock. These add-ons can loaded and installed through the microSD card slot and the iRoar Dashboard app.

But probably the best add-on is the optional hardware accessory named the iRoar Rock. It’s basically subwoofer dock where you can well, dock the iRock for an even better sound output. As we mentioned, you can also use the iRoar as a wireless PA system with an additional iRoar Mic that you connect via Bluetooth.

But how does the iRoar sound? I tested the device mainly with my smartphone and loaded up every tune I can think of through Spotify. One thing’s for sure, the iRoar can get definitely loud. But unlike other speakers, the iRoar handled loud sounds perfectly without any distortions. Bass is deep mostly thanks to the iRoar Rock accessory.

Mids and highs are well-defined with tonal clarity on each frequency that’s literally music to our ears. Vocals are clear and detailed, and we loved every minute we spent with this speaker. Quality isn’t just good, it’s excellent.

That being said, the 1499 AED price for the iRoar might be a little expensive for some (the iRoar Rock will you an additional 399 AED) but I’m telling you it’s definitely worth every dirham.

Like we said earlier, the Creative iRoar’s claim as an intelligent speaker lives up to its name. It’s a speaker that houses all the goods and has excellent sound output. We’re giving a standing ovation for this one.

by vportiz

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