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Creative Muvo 2: Rugged portability
July 23, 2017

Take it anywhere you want.

Here’s another portable wireless speaker that you should check out. Creative’s new Muvo 2 is the bigger brother of the 2C which we reviewed a few days back. Its simple rectangular and waterproof design is similar to most portable speakers, with the grilled front bearing the Creative logo along with ports located at its rear and main controls at the top.

The main controls includes buttons for playback and choosing the source while the rear panel that’s covered with a rubber flap contains the USB port for charging the speaker along with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a microSD card slot.

The primary form of connection for the Muvo 2 is Bluetooth, though you have the option to use a wired connection or the speaker could play your music files off the microSD card. The Muvo 2 supports various file formats like .wav, .mp3, and .wma and even supports high-resolution FLAC formats.

Just like the smaller Muvo 2C, the Muvo 2 can be paired using the dedicated pairing button located at the top. It can also connect to other Muvo speakers for a stereo setup, which can add more fidelity to the tunes you are playing.

Performance-wise, I surprisingly didn’t enjoy the Muvo 2 as much as its smaller brother the 2C did. The sound is decent, with bass coming in low but not as boomy as I hoped it would be. But for general everyday usage the Muvo 2 does the job.

For 249 AED, the Creative Muvo 2 does what a wireless speaker should do. Sound output is better though it can be improved, but its feature is worthy of a purchase.

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