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Insta360 One: Turn Your World Around
October 17, 2017

So how does Insta360’s new camera perform?

360 images are the new trend on most social platforms at the moment. What’s better than an image from your vacation? A 360-degree version of course! When the first 360 cameras were introduced most of them cost quite a fortune and usually isn’t smartphone-friendly.

That somehow changed with Insta360’s line of mobile-friendly 360 cameras. The Insta360 Nano we tested earlier this year for example, simply attaches to your iPhone so you can shoot 360 images and video instantly.

This new version, the Insta360 One, brings the simplicity of taking 360 images and video in a compact and simple way. It’s iPhone-only for now, but the company said they’re bringing in an Android version in the future.

The Insta360 One has a hidden Lightning connector that easily attaches to your iPhone. Once connected you can easily see a preview of the camera from the Insta360 One app available for free on the app store. The exterior’s matte black finish gives it a premium feel, and the included cover also acts as a small stand if you want to use the camera without the iPhone. The Insta360 One also includes a universal tripod mount on one end, making it easily compatible with a variety of stands and mounts commonly used for cameras.

The Insta360 One can take 4K video (that’s 3840 x 1920 pixels) and 24-megapixel shots which also includes HDR mode for improved image quality. A small button on the side acts as the power switch. Press it once to take a picture, press it twice to take a video and you can configure the triple for another function like slow motion recording.

There’s also a microSD card slot where it automatically stores footage (the package comes with an 8 GB card pre-installed) and it also syncs images to the Insta360 One app once you connect it to an iPhone. The Insta360 One charges using a microUSB port.

The Insta360 One app isn’t perfect, and while it offers a clear way for you to utilize the camera’s functions, more editing options could be added.

Performance is top-notch, and the footage we took from the Insta360 One was clear and detailed. Granted that we tested this on a sunny day, which is usually the best scenario to use it. Night shots can be dark, though with sufficient lightning you’ll get acceptable footage.

The best part may probably the ‘bullet time’ mode that simulates the camera rotating around you just like in ‘The Matrix’. Doing this is simple: just attach the Insta360 One on any selfie stick, start slow motion recording, and rotate the camera around you (be careful not to hit anyone though). The app will automatically erase the monopod from the video and the end result is an effect that looks like the camera is floating around you. It’s a clever trick, and it’s one of the standout (and fun) features of the Insta360 One.

For $299, the Insta360 One brings the best of shooting 360-degree video right in your iPhone without the need for expensive equipment. It’s an accessory that’s fun and very easy to use, something that everyone will enjoy.

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