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NuForce BE Sport3 Review
January 11, 2017

Wireless with style.

With the advent of most devices now ditching the ‘analog’ 3.5 mm audio jack (yes, we’re looking at you, iPhone 7), manufacturers are now coming out with various wireless audio peripherals that should help solve that problem.

The NuForce BE Sport3 is one of them. Made with aluminum and rubber, the headphones are lightweight and feature a flat cable design to prevent tangling. The earbuds are also magnetic and can snap on to each other when it is not in use.

The ear buds are easy to wear and with it comes a plethora of various ear tips that should suit every user. It has a design that would let it go deeper for a much better fit. The NuForce BE Sport3 is also IP55 rated, meaning that it can withstand rain, dust and sweat, perfect for the active user.

There are three major buttons located on the tiny inline remote that also holds the microphone. The buttons include a call button along with the volume rockers. The call button also acts as the pairing button for connecting your devices via Bluetooth. Voice prompts are also present that tell you of the headphone’s status.

Once paired with your device (in my testing I used an iPhone 7 and a Nexus 5X) you can immediately start listening to the NuForce BE Sport3.

Sound quality was definitely spot on. Trebles were clear and no distortion was heard even when I played music in high volumes. Bass could be deeper, but it still emulated a detailed low frequency response.

But the best part of the NuForce BE Sport3 is the fact that it manages to give me about 10 hours of playback time just from a single charge!

The NuForce BE Sport3 brings decent audio output fit for the active user. It may be light on features, but it manages to bring a great aural experience.

by vportiz

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