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Super Mario Odyssey: Great fun from start to finish
October 29, 2017

Here’s our verdict on Mario’s latest adventure.

As I sit and write on this review, I’m itching to get home and continue playing Super Mario Odyssey. I’ve spent about 16 hours finishing the game, but the large semi-open world means you still have more time to explore even after you’ve finished the main campaign.

Odyssey feels like a tribute to earlier Mario games that redefined platformer titles – with more added to the mix. It honors both the legacy and awesomeness of previous games while giving fans something new to play with.

In Odyssey, Princess Peach is once again kidnapped by Bowser and Mario heads on to save the her. He is joined by Cappy, whose sister was also kidnapped. Cappy is well, a cap that aids Mario in his quests. He also uses it as a weapon and as something new to the franchise, ‘possess’ enemies so he can take advantage of their powers.

You can practically possess every enemy in Odyssey – from the weird caterpillars to the a realistic-looking T-Rex. Since you can now do various things of the enemy that you possess, you can take advantage of these new skills to get more out of every world that you visit.

You still collect coins to get upgrades or to buy hints on where to find other stuff. In Odyssey, your primary task (aside from saving Princess Peach) is to find moons that would power the Odyssey ship that Cappy owns.

There are various boss fights in Odyssey that evokes a certain nostalgia reminiscent of previous Mario games. It’s not difficult to play, but it’s a whole lot of fun just pressing buttons to defeat those enemies.

Odyssey also perfectly blends 2D elements that will make fans of the first Mario game glee with delight. I’d suggest you play the game on a TV since you’ll be able to appreciate the small details Nintendo has put on the game. You can still perfectly play it as handheld, since gaming experience is consistent if you play it on the TV or through the Switch itself.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most awaited games on the Nintendo Switch – and it’s unarguably one of the games on the platform (or any Nintendo game for that matter). Anyone who loves Mario should give Odyssey a play. It’s one of the best reasons to get a Switch.

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