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The Evil Within 2: Smart scares galore
October 22, 2017

Is the sequel better than the original?

The Evil Within 2 is the sequel to the original 2014 game that didn’t wow everyone, but still delivered scares that you’d expect from a survival horror game. The sequel takes the best parts of the first game and amps the ante to scary levels.

We meet the Sebastian Castellanos from the first game meeting ex-colleague Judi Kidman who reveals that his daughter Lily, who supposedly died in a house fire, is still alive. But the only way to save her is to go enter STEM, which is some sort of virtual Silent Hill called Union where unthinkable monstrosities called The Lost are present.

Union is as detailed as it can be, the first few chapters will let you explore the place and collect various items that you can use for ammunition. You follow Lily’s radio signal across this world, but you’ll be facing various monsters that you would either need to defeat with the occasional hack-n-slash. But in majority of these monsters you need to be patient, since the walking silently behind them is the best way to kill them. You also have the option either fighting it with your knife, though that would attract the attention of more monsters.

As a survival horror, The Evil Within 2 works since you always think of ways on how you will move on your next step. Things like being quiet will somehow help you’re hiding yourself from monsters. Like we said, patience is key to the game meaning that a simple walk to the end of one corridor could take half an hour to complete.

But supplies get scare the more you progress in the game so you need to be efficient on how to use these resources.

And that’s what makes The Evil Within 2 great – it’s the perfect example of a good survival horror game. It’s that you genre, then getting the game is a no brainer especially if you’re a fan of the first game.

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