LG’s new OLED TV is so thin it rolls up like a poster

January 8, 2018

It’s a 65-inch beauty.

LG has proven themselves to be on the forefront of OLED displays and with this year’s CES 2018 in Las Vegas they’ve just showcased one of the most impressive pieces of tech we’ve seen. This 65-inch OLED screen is undeniably beautiful, but did you know that it’s so thin you can practically roll up the screen like a poster?

That’s how LG’s new OLED TV was designed. It looks much like any other ordinary TV screen, but when it’s time to put it away the screen simply goes down and rolls inside its own base, hiding it from sight. LG said that portability one aspect they’re looking at, meaning that the roll-up display can be brought anywhere, anytime.

We’re guessing most of the connectivity options will be placed on the main base of the TV since well, it’s too thin to put them on the screen. Bendable displays have been showcased before, but it is awesome that most companies are now taking advantage of the new technology and applying it on future designs.

Only question now is how much it will cost – while LG didn’t mention any pricing since it’s basically still a prototype, we’re guessing it won’t be on the affordable side.

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.