With the Vive Reality System, the focus is on social interactions
January 8, 2019

At the HTC Vive press conference at CES 2019, the brand made a few intersting announcements, and one in specific that showcased how far the Vive brand has evolved. Apart from the unveiling of the Vive Pro Eye and the Vive Cosmos headsets, Vive revealed the Vive Reality System, designed as a new portal for users to enter virtual reality (VR) worlds.  A key element here is how they have focused on the experiential aAs part of the project, Vive also announced a deal with Mozilla to launch the first Vive-dedicated VR browser.

So here are the key HTC Vive announcements at CES 2019:

Vive Pro Eye

Built to meet the needs of the professional VR user, the new Vive Pro Eye boasts integrated eye tracking with a gaze-oriented menu navigation and removing the need for controllers. With the inclusion of eye tracking, the new Vive Pro Eye will allow businesses and developers to gather more data about their training environments, help optimize computer and VR performance, and offer product design and research groups unprecedented levels of feedback.  Vive Pro Eye is targeted at the enterprise market where eye tracking has a number of immediate benefits—from performance, to accessibility, to improvements in training applications. It will also benefit developers by minimizing computing resources needed to render high-end VR environments. The new Vive Pro Eye will launch in the second quarter of 2019.

Viveport Infinity 

Also announced today is the biggest upgrade to the Viveport subscription service to date. The first unlimited subscription service for VR, Viveport Infinity allows members to discover and explore hundreds of virtual destinations anytime with unrestricted access.

Starting Vive Day, April 5, 2019, members can download and play any of the 500+ titles in the Viveport Infinity library with no restrictions. This unlimited subscription model will give members the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on top-quality content while allowing them to discover new experiences. Members will be able to access  Viveport Infinity across all current and future Vive devices as well as the Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave Eco-system. 

Vive Cosmos

Unveiled for the first time today, Vive Cosmos is the newest VR headset from Vive, with a singular aim: to take the VR expoerience mainstream. A headset that is quick to setup and use, Cosmos will be the first Vive headset to feature the Vive Reality System.

Vive Reality System

HTC’s Creative Labs team also revealed Vive Reality System,which includes both operational and experiential elements impacting the entire Vive product portfolio.Apart from being a new user-interface where players launch apps and access HTC’s VR storefront, Viveport, the Vive Reality System will incorporate social VR, allowing friends to meet up with personalized avatars. The Vive Reality System will power experiences across the entire Vive product portfolio and will be available first on the Vive Cosmos released later this year.

Speaking on the announcement, Ramit Harisinghani, VP and Head of Middle East & Africa at HTC Vive, said “Our philosophy has always been focused on developing great products and experiences that create a natural and effortless bridge from the real world to the virtual world. We want VR to feel less like launching apps and instead like stepping between worlds. Our new announcements of hardware, software, and content offerings are set to transform VR to a more fun and immersive experience than ever before.”



by Anil George
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