LG’s new washer utilizes AI for optimum washing

January 12, 2020

Because everything is AI-driven now.

Aside from consumer gadgets, LG has also introduced a new line of washing machine that utilizes the company’s ThinQ AI platform. These new front-load washing machine feature the Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive (AI DD) motor and its AI-powered Proactive Customer Care service.

Using AI, this washing machine detects the volume and the weight of each of the laundry along with the type of fabric used and then uses more than 20 thousand data points to improve the cleaning. The washing machine will literally customize the way it washes your clothes, right down to the type of fabric, how crazy is that? 

LG claims that the improved cleaning has actually extended the life of garments by 15 percent.

Additionally, the washing machine also has ezDispense where it will automatically add the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener depending on how much load you have. Even drying your clothes uses the LG Smart Pairing feature where it can select the optimal dryer setting for each load.

If that’s not enough, the washing machine is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Using the LG ThinQ mobile app, you can receive notifications if washing is done or if the detergent gets low.

“We are delighted to launch the new LG ThinQ front-load washing machine with AI DD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Eddie Jun, President of LG Saudi Arabia. “With innovative washing technologies and AI-based customer service platform, we are certain that this new LG front-load washing machine with AI DD will exceed all consumer expectations. Ideal for families, this innovative washing machine sets a new benchmark for convenience with its larger capacity and customized laundry experience.”

The LG AI DD washing machine was on display in the recently concluded CES 2020.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.