Annabelle Creation: 6 chilling facts to know before seeing the film

August 16, 2017

Do you like dolls?

Looks like The Conjuring franchise is in full swing after the success of the earlier movies. Annabelle: Creation arrives this Thursday and before you head out to the movie theaters to get scared, read on some of these interesting (and creepy) facts you may not know about the movie.

– By now many of you know about the real Annabelle doll encased in a glass box never to be opened. But many are still surprised that the doll is in fact real.

– The real Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll, which has a cameo in the film.

– Since the movie takes place in the same universe as The Conjuring movies, expect a cameo by Valak (yes the evil nun from The Conjuring 2) when you watch the movie.

Talitha Bateman, who plays the lead Janice in the movie, is the sister of Gabriel Bateman, the child who starred in Lights Out, which is produced by The Conjuring director James Wan.

– Coincidentally, director David F. Sandberg who directed Annabelle: Creation is also the director of Lights Out which came out last year right after The Conjuring 2 hit theaters.

Alicia Vela-Bailey has a cameo in this film – she played the lead in David F. Sandberg’s short film Lights Out which is where the movie of the same name was based.

Annabelle: Creation opens in UAE theaters tomorrow.

[As always, thanks to IMDB for some of these awesome facts]

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