Game On: Here’s what you need to know when changing your PSN ID

April 11, 2019

Sony rolls out the ability to change PSN IDs.

After an initial beta phase last year, Sony is now rolling out the ability to change your PSN online ID. While this may finally let you change that embarrassing username you had 10 years ago, it’s not without its cons.

First off, you can change your PSN ID using your PS4 or a web browser. A note though, Sony is saying that the name change will reflect on games released after April 1, 2018. All your previous games older than that date will still reflect your old PSN ID.

Additionally, the changing of your PSN ID will only affect games on the PlayStation 4, meaning that PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games aren’t included.

Changing your PSN ID won’t exactly be free either – while the first change is free, the next one will be charged $10 ($5 if you are a PS Plus member). But just in case you want to revert to your old PSN ID, Sony is saying that you can do that for free.

It’s a rather complicated process, but kudos to Sony for finally being able to enable the feature. We understand that certain technicalities have been put in place that’s why it took longer than expected, but I’m glad I can finally change ‘sexyboy69’ to a more appropriate and suiting username.

More details about changing your PSN ID can be found here

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.