Grand Theft Auto VI leaks – sort of

July 2, 2019

It’s been six years since the last installment.

Rockstar may have been quiet about the next installment of Grand Theft Auto – or GTA as everyone knows it, but there have been increasing rumors as to what we can expect on the next installment in the franchise. 

Reports online have pointed to a leak from Reddit pointing some interesting details about GTA VI. A few of these details include the fact that it has already been in development since 2012, along with the setting taking place in Vice City and another unnamed Brazilian city.

Another interesting tidbit is that the game will be heavily influenced by the Netflix show Narcos where it is set in the 1970s and you join a drug cartel and work your way up – no word if you’ll be dealing with Pablo Escobar.

It won’t be as detailed as Red Dead Redemption the leak claims, but as you progress through the story, your environment also changes like newer buildings being built, or the value of your money changes with the economic climate. Speaking of climate, it will also play a big factor in the game so missions and car chase to take place either in rain or sunlight.

Lastly, it was noted that the GTA VI will be made exclusively for the next-generation consoles – The PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Project Scarlett. Given the power embedded on these machines, you can expect a 4K HDR 60 fps support when playing.

Of course, the leaks come from Reddit which isn’t the most reliable source, but it does give you an idea as to where the franchise is headed. 

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by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.