PUBG gets replaced in China with ‘Game for Peace’

May 9, 2019

Yes, it’s still PUBG but less violent.

Despite Tencent pushing for PUBG’s monetization in China for more than a year now, it has decided to shut down the game and instead replace it with a friendlier and less violent alternative.

The new game, called Game for Peace, still plays out like PUBG but with no terrorism-related theme. Gameplay-wise, it’s just like PUBG in a different skin. This was done to follow China’s strict rules on video games, which forbids or censors games that include violence, sex, and gambling.

Even deaths on Game for Peace are less traumatic. On PUBG, you bleed and die once you get shot but on Game for Peace, you simply get up and wave goodbye. You may find it hilarious, but there’s a good chance that even parents might give the go signal for the game.

Players of PUBG in China also have the choice to port over their progress to Game for Peace, so not really all is lost with PUBG’s shutdown.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.