Pure Farming 2018: An addictive simulation

March 21, 2018

Who knew simulation games can be addictive?

I would always say that simulation games aren’t my cup of tea, but then I find myself playing The Sims or Train Simulator for hours which puts these games into perspective: while these types of games aren’t AAA titles like Gran Turismo or Halo, there’s still an audience for it – and guess what? It’s actually good.

One of these simulation games is Pure Farming 2018. I know, how could a farming simulation game be interesting? So I spent a week playing and it actually felt rewarding as if like it was my own farm.

Pure Farming 2018 is the type of game you’d be playing on a lazy afternoon when you don’t want to play competitive or any game that’ll require some effort. There are various options for you to play, but I personally opted for the campaign. It has a story of course, you’ve inherited a farm from your grandfather, including all the various farming equipment but this also includes a huge debt that you must pay.

Using the equipment and other things on your farm can be confusing at first, but the included Game Mode will teach you how to operate them – in minutes I managed to learn how to drive tractors that helped me plant crops and in turn, pay off my debt.

Seasoned gamers on these types of games can also explore the free farming mode, where it lets you configure how your world will be before you start farming. You can also try out the challenges mode to see if you really have what it takes to be a real farmer.

This is where it gets interesting: slowly as I built my crops I can see how much I’m earning. At the same, I’m also seeing if some of my equipment needs some replacing, where I can then browse for something to replace it. It’s also up to you to inspect your gear, and you’ll notice that it needs to be replaced when it is suddenly running slower than the usual.

Graphics are strictly okay on my PS4, nothing special though it could benefit with better-looking graphics. Pure Farming 2018 isn’t a must-have title, but as a farming simulation game, it definitely kept me interested in the 15+ hours I’ve spent with it. If you’re into farming simulators, then Pure Farming 2018 should be on your list.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.