The PlayStation 5’s controller looks… familiar
November 19, 2019

Next-gen console will be released by the end of next year.

We already know some things about the PlayStation 5 (PS5), which is shaping up to be one of the craziest consoles to release next year. Aside from the top-of-the-line specs that allow it to render games in 8K resolution, the PS5 should also come with a new DualShock controller to match the shiny new console.

But a recent patent filing may have revealed what the new DualShock controller will look like – and it mostly resembles the DualShock 4 currently being used on the PlayStation 4. Sources who managed to see a prototype of the PS5 controller said that it bears a close resemblance to the DualShock 4, including the D-pad and the touch bar. That being said, it was also mentioned that the controller is wider and has more rounded grips. 

The thumbsticks on the new DualShock controller look shorter and now utilizes a USB-C port for charging. Additionally, the light bar, which was used by the PS4 camera for tracking you through the PlayStation camera, will no longer be present.

Still, these images could only be prototypes, and that a newer controller could be unveiled in the next few months, so you can take all of this as a grain of salt.

What type of controller are you expecting to see on the PlayStation 5? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Passionate for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of Blu-ray discs and occasionally plays on his Xbox.
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