You can now stream your PC games to an Xbox One

March 13, 2019

Microsoft details the new feature.

When the Xbox One was first released, it offered a way for you to stream games from the console right to your PC. That’s always been the norm in the past couple of years, but today, you can now stream games from your PC to your Xbox One and play games using a controller.

This is possible through the updated Wireless Display app from Microsoft, which uses the technology of Miracast to create a connection between your PC and the console. This also means that streaming PC content won’t be restricted to just games, but also presentations or even mirroring your own desktop.

Protected content like streaming from the Netflix app won’t be supported though, and you’d be stuck with a black screen even if you try to mirror it. The Wireless Display app also lets you choose between various latency mode that you can use for gaming or simply watching videos streaming from a PC.

At the moment, mouse and keyboard input on streamed games aren’t supported, but seeing as the Xbox One has recently gained support for mouse and keyboard input a couple of months ago it won’t be long before the feature is supported.

It was revealed that Microsoft has been trying to make game streaming work on the Xbox One for years, and while it’s not perfect it’s good to know that the company is working hard on making its console play well with every format and appliance.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.