Google Assistant and Alexa set to come on the Xbox One

June 4, 2018

Goodbye Cortana?

Now, this is interesting. Windows Central is reporting that the Xbox One will soon get an update that will integrate both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to the console in addition to Cortana which is already built inside the device.

The screenshot from Windows Central reveals a new option to turn on ‘Digital Assistants’, which refers to the aforementioned services being available on the Xbox One. It looks like you will be able to tell various app-related commands to open and launch apps and games.

Cortana was the primary virtual assistant that’s baked right inside the Windows 10 OS running on the Xbox One. However, it also requires you to have the Kinect accessory installed so it is to hear your voice commands. With Kinect no longer a requirement for the Xbox One, it is likely that you can soon use other means to enable voice recognition on the console, including support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything about the new feature at the moment – though it looks like they’re saving that announcement for its E3 conference next week in Los Angeles.

[Image credit: Windows Central]

by Victor
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