Guess what the most-watched movie is over the holidays

December 28, 2014

‘The Interview’ tops the list of most downloaded movie over the Christmas break.

While Sony seemed to scrap the release of the Seth Rogen comedy ‘The Interview’, it made a surprise announcement over the holidays, saying that it will be releasing the movie to limited venues, and digital through various online streaming services.

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‘The Interview,’ which stars real-life friends Seth Rogen and James Franco details the story of two Americans sent in by the US to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The movie became controversial even before it was released, and was presumed to be the main reason behind the hacking of Sony Pictures, in which personal and confidential information was leaked online.

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Due to the increased interest on the film, it has already made $1 million in theaters despite mixed reviews. Additionally, it has made more profit online for streaming services such as Google Play. It was also the most pirated movie over the holidays, with over 1.5 million downloads over the Christmas weekend.

by Victor
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