Kinect for Windows is here!

July 8, 2014

Will begin shipping on July 15.

The Kinect was one of the best things about the Xbox. The way it captures movement and translates them to the screen showcases how far technology has reached. Others try to mimic its function and success (looking at you, PlayStation Move), but overall the Kinect still is the reigning champ.

Originally made for use  an Xbox/Xbox One console, many fans were hoping that Microsoft add support to the PC. It was launched for the PC, though the reaction from the community wasn’t enthusiastic. The good news is that as Microsoft has opened a pre-order page for the next version of the Kinect for Windows. It will basically be the same sensor found on the Xbox One that uses wide-angle cameras along with greater accuracy that can even detect a person’s heart rate.

When the Xbox One was first introduced, it showcased a whole new way of accessing content from your living room. This means you can watch live TV or even do a Skype conference while playing a game. It tried to somehow replace everything that you have in your living room – which didn’t really take off well with consumers. One problem is that cable providers would need to support it, so the initial launch was only in a few markets (it has yet to be launched here in the UAE). Another is that people are generally looking for a dedicated console rather than something that manages their entire media hub. It may be the reason why the PlayStation 4 leads in terms of sales compared to the Xbox One.

Kinect for Windows v2 will cost $199/₤159. Along with that, Microsoft is also releasing an SDK so developers can make their own apps for the Windows Desktop and its app store. This way, developers can take advantage of the sensor’s capabilities and make apps not just for recreation but for other purposes as well which in turn might make the Kinect sensor a default accessory for PCs – much like the keyboard and the mouse – which could be Microsoft’s own strategy of getting back the loss profits they could have earned on the Xbox One.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.