Physical copies of ‘Dying Light’ video game faces some delays

January 18, 2015

But you can still purchase the game digitally on January 27.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Techland announced that it is currently facing delays on production of physical copies of the game and will not make the January 27th, 2015 release date in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia – which means the copies might only appear in North America.

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It won’t affect the digital release and you can still purchase the game digitally and download it to your console when it arrives January 27. But for some users who would like to have physical discs for their games, it seems they may have to wait a longer time before they can buy the physical copy of Dying Light.

Dying Light is a first person game that combines the free-running mechanics of Mirror’s Edge and adds it with zombies. Sounds simple right? Not really. Part of your mission is to look for parts and various supplies and take them back to safe zones while avoiding the undead.

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