T3ME Instruments Week: Editor’s Pick of the Day 21 Jul

July 21, 2014

We are surrounded by music on a daily basis and at pretty much every minute of the day. Whether it’s the chirping of birds or just the tapping of a pen, it may not be what we consider the mainstream definition of music, but well, it still is.

Before getting too philosophical, regardless of what genre of music one may fancy more, all musicians still have something in common: playing with high-quality instruments or rocking to the beats formed by these instruments. So, to celebrate the different music festivals taking place this summer in Lebanon, I’m selecting my top instrument picks from Instruments Garage to share with you every day this week.

Today’s choice: Akai Professional APC20 Compact

This live performance controller utilizes Ableton Live software, a powerful and lively environment for creating and producing music with flexibility to perform with ease. All you have to do is get a USB and connect the APC20 to your laptop and begin with making the music. Also get visual feedback thanks to the link between the controller and Ableton Live, which offers easy-to-read displays of the statuses of each clip viewed, using the Clip Launch Matrix. So, you can get real-time estimates of what’s being played or recorded.

$350, Instruments Garage +961 1 202 302


by micha
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