To Infinity and Beyond: Ranking all Pixar movies

June 7, 2016

What is your favorite Pixar movie?

Pixar has undoubtedly made a name for itself for consistently making high quality animated films that cater not just for children but for adults as well.

The release of Finding Dory this month makes it the 17th feature film from the award-winning studio, and with the almost perfect first installment that preceded it, many are optimistic for the new movie.

With this, I have decided to rank all the current 16 Pixar movies from my least favorite to the best one. Again, your own listing may vary, but you can comment on your own rankings in the comments section below.

Pixar Movies I would probably only watch once (These were still good Pixar movies, but never had the caliber and emotional impact of the other films on the list):

Cars / Cars 2 – While it does have an adorable voice cast, the entire cars living as people thing never really stuck an emotional tone with me. I did enjoy the first one, but the second movie I did not even finish watching.

Brave – I should commend on the filmmakers for the film’s animation, since it is one of visually striking animated movies I have seen. Despite the talented voice cast, Brave did not quite have the charm other Pixar movies had.

Monsters University – Instead of a sequel to first movie, Monsters University brings us back to the early days when Mike and Sully were still in college. It does pack a lot of laughs but did not match the heartwarming story of the first move.

The Good Dinosaur – Again, The Good Dinosaur does have its own share of technical merits, but following Inside Out that was released a few months prior, I would rather watch that one again.

The Best of the Best:

A Bug’s Life – Impressive on every level, A Bug’s Life came out at the same with another animated movie with a similar storyline (Antz) but you can guess which one came on top.

Inside Out – Who knew a simple story about emotions would translate to one of the best films of all time? Inside Out perfectly blends the emotional struggles of being a teen – something we have all experienced, or probably still experiencing.

Up – I grew up with my grandfather, so the movie does affect me in a more personal level. That being said, even seeing only the montage of how Carl and his wife Ellie met and got married is enough for me to watch it again and again.

Wall-E – The movie about a robot that somehow sparks some type of emotion already gets high points, but the clear message of how the future would be if we do not take care of our planet resonates with every frame of the film.

Ratatouille – The thought of a rat that loves to cook would not probably strike as appetizing, but Ratatouille highlighted the fact that whomever you may be or where you come from, dreams can be achieved.

Monsters, Inc. – Another fantastic movie that blends the stuff that used to scare us at night and turned it into one of the most touching movies I have watched. I wish I had my own Mike Wazowski.

Finding Nemo – It may be just a fish tale, but the excellent humor and touching family moments make it a definite must watch for the entire family. On another note, I cannot wait for Finding Dory.

The Incredibles – This isn’t your average superhero movie. In fact, The Incredibles focuses more on what really makes a superhero, especially to the fact the movie focuses on the things that other movies did not: the importance of capes.

Toy Story / Toy Story 2 / Toy Story 3 – You would probably agree that Pixar’s greatest feat was its first movie. Toy Story had a simple premise of how your toys come alive when you are away, and created a fantastic world where toys have a life of their own. It was followed by two equally-awesome sequels, each focusing on the fact on what happens to your toys when you grow up. I swear after watching the movie I looked for my old toys in the closet and gave them a hug (you never know).

So what is your favorite Pixar movie? Give it a shoutout in the comments below!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.