Windows PCs will welcome Xbox One controllers to the family in 2014
August 13, 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that 2014 will mark the year PC gamers have been waiting for since the arrival of their personal version of the Xbox One controller has been confirmed.

An Xbox One pad is to be changed to fit the qualifications of Windows PC labels in comparison to the Xbox 360.

Recently, a representative from Microsoft said that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers differ in terms of technology, regardless of the fact that their exteriors look alike.

New software must be written for the PC addition since the capacity to be wired will be rendered necessary along with adding new features.

Gaming should be more enjoyable with this update. Microsoft will also be focusing on validating the use of PC games that are already played with Xbox 360 controllers. They must ascertain that those games can also be played with the Xbox One controller.

Xbox One is still due to be out in November. So whether or not you’re a PC gamer, you must still wait a few more months for the much anticipated gaming console. 

by micha
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